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Pagar Alam South Sumatera Back in Track Several tourists enjoying the beauty of Pagaralam. (PHOTO: Istimewa)

TIMESKEDIRI, PAGARALAM – After having several issue with the wild animal attack several times ago, Pagar Alam of South Sumatera get back on their feet and now has welcome several visitors to their place.

There are even lots of new tourist attractions built to pamper all the visitors such as Dempo Park. There were lots of tourists spotted visiting those attractions on their leisure time.

Several place also offers new activities that could be followed by the visitors such as what Dempo Park did by taking their visitors (the students of Ar-Raihan kindergarten) for outing class.

"The visitors are no longer worried about the wild animal issue. And Pagaralam has had the surge of visitors increased during the last month," Bani, an employee of the Dempo Park said.

In addition, he hope that this condition will keep going in Pagaralam. The local government also put their eyes on this issue and will support Pagaralam to get back on their track.

"We will proposed and encourage all the businessmen to conduct their meeting in Pagar Alam to make this place to be a standout place in South Sumatera," Aristopani, acting in Head of Tourism Department of South Sumatera said. (*)

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