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Probolinggo Food Festival at BJBR in the Upcoming Week Probolinggo Food Festival 1 at BJBR Probolinggo last year. (PHOTO: Exclusive)

TIMESKEDIRI, PROBOLINGGOProbolinggo Food Festival, which is also known as Profest will take place again at the tourism attraction, BJBR Probolinggo, East Java. The event that collaborates culinary, tourism, culture, education, creativity and beauty will take place on 21 – 23 February.

The biggest culinary event in Probolinggo is held by Indonesian Young Entrepreneur Association (HIPMI). Collaborating with BJBR and JETS Organizer, this event will be supported by the Local Government of Probolinggo, as well as some sponsors.


This event will be a competition that shows how big the potential that Probolinggo has, especially in culinary aspect. It provides facilities for all the stakeholders, SMEs, communities, institutions, and schools to gather in synergy.

This is the second event of Profest. Profest 2 brings smoked fish as the culinary icon of Probolinggo. Moreover, it also aims to introduce other traditional foods of Probolinggo.


The traditional food that will be introduced in this event is Ketan Kratok. There are 1,359 portions of foods that will be served for free.

 “This event will be registered to Rekor Muri Indonesia. The number 1,359 is taken from the date of Probolinggo’s anniversary,” said the Chairman of the Committee, Juda Mangitung.

Probolinggo Food Festival at BJBR Probolinggo will be inviting other regions in East Java to serve their traditional foods in the exhibition in Profest 2. (*)

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