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Kiwano: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover Kiwano. (PHOTO: Shutterstock)

TIMESKEDIRI, JAKARTA – Don't judge a book by its cover could be the right proverb to describe Kiwano or horned melon. Yes, its hideous look will deceive you since it has lots of benefit to our body.

This exotic fruit is a native Kalahari Desert which rich with nutrition. High in calcium, magnesium, zinc, vit A, vit C and lots more. Here are some benefits of Kiwano.

1. As an Antioxidants for your body

The main antioxidants in kiwano are vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, and lutein. Together, these nutrients play a role in reducing inflammation and preventing chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer

2. Help you produce more red blood cell

Kiwano is a good source of iron and provides around 13% of your daily needs. Kiwano also contain a form of the mineral known as non-heme iron. And the vitamin C will ease the absorbance of the iron presented by the fruit which could help the body produce more red blood cells.

3. As a mood booster

Magnesium and zinc presence in Kiwano together will take part in producing neurotransmitters which could affect your mood and eliminate depression and anxiety.

3. Control your blood sugar

Kiwano has a low glycemic index, whic means it won't cause a significant increase of insulin. Furthermore, it isrich with magnesium — a mineral that’s directly involved in the metabolism of glucose (sugar) and insulin

4. Give you more healthy bone

The Vit C, zinc and magnesium presented in Kiwano will help you maintaning your bone from osteoporosis. Your teeth wwill be stronger as well as the other bones.

5. Give you a good skin look

The vitamin C and water in Kiwano or horned melon will support the collagen production, cure the wounds, and protect your skin from the UV. (*)

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