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Kebon Rojo, the Favorite Educational Park at Blitar A child feeding a spotted deer at Taman Kebon Rojo in Blitar, Tuesday (23/04/2019). (PHOTO: Sholeh/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESKEDIRI, BLITAR – Taman Kebon Rojo in Blitar is always crowded with visitors every day. Last Tuesday (23/04/2019), a group of kindergarten students visited this educational park, which is located on Jalan Diponegoro, Blitar.

Kebon Rojo is a city park that is equipped with various plants, animals, and games for children. These facilities can help the visitors, especially students, learn about various plants and animals in this place. This place is comfortable and it has many trees that are good to cast a shade.

There is no entrance fee in Kebon Rojo. That’s why this place is always full with residents from Blitar who enjoy their quality time with their family.

The shady and tall trees around here make the air clean and fresh. The area is also safe for children to play.

There are various animals at Kebon Rojo, such as deer, Javan langur, three-colored squirrel, and so on. There are some facilities, such as swings and slides for children. (*)

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